Saints Row 4 Cheats

Yes, there are actually cheat codes for Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell. Trophies and achievements will be disabled when using cheats though (and even auto-save). But it’s fun to play around a bit extra.

These cheats work for PC, XBOX, and PS (Playstation).

It’s easy to input cheats in Saints Row 4, you go to the menu Extras and select the Cheats option. Here you can enter cheat codes.

Here’s a list of cheat codes to start with:

Cheat codeWhat you get
unlockitallUnlocks everything!
cheeseGet $100,000 in cash
vroomNo damage on vehicles
repaircarVehicle repaired
letsrockAll weapons!
runfastUnlimited sprint
bigheadmodeBubble head mode
evilcarsEvil cars (!?)
fastforwardFaster times
goldengunOne hit kills!

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