5 letter words starting with mon

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got quite a few plausible five letter words starting with mon.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of monad

monad (noun)

  1. An ultimate atom, or simple, unextended point; something ultimate and indivisible.
  2. A single individual (such as a pollen grain) that is free from others, not united in a group.
  3. A monoid object in the category of endofunctors of a fixed category.

Definition of mondo

mondo (noun)

  1. A dialogue between master and student designed to obtain an intuitive truth.

mondo (adjective)

  1. Big, large; major, significant.

mondo (adverb)

  1. Very, extremely, really.

Definition of money

money (noun)

  1. A legally or socially binding conceptual contract of entitlement to wealth, void of intrinsic value, payable for all debts and taxes, and regulated in supply.
  2. A generally accepted means of exchange and measure of value.
  3. A currency maintained by a state or other entity which can guarantee its value (such as a monetary union).
  4. Hard cash in the form of banknotes and coins, as opposed to cheques/checks, credit cards, or credit more generally.
  5. The total value of liquid assets available for an individual or other economic unit, such as cash and bank deposits.
  6. Wealth; a person, family or class that possesses wealth
  7. An item of value between two or more parties used for the exchange of goods or services.
  8. A person who funds an operation.

Definition of monic

monic (noun)

  1. A monic polynomial.

monic (adjective)

  1. Of a polynomial whose leading coefficient is one.
  2. Monomorphic.
  3. Of a morphism: that it is a monomorphism.

Definition of monks

monks (noun)

  1. A male member of a monastic order who has devoted his life for religious service.
  2. In earlier usage, an eremite or hermit devoted to solitude, as opposed to a cenobite, who lived communally.
  3. A male who leads an isolated life; a loner, a hermit.
  4. An unmarried man who does not have sexual relationships.
  5. A judge.
  6. A blotch or spot of ink on a printed page, caused by the ink not being properly distributed; distinguished from a friar, or white spot caused by a deficiency of ink.
  7. A piece of tinder made of agaric, used in firing the powder hose or train of a mine.
  8. A South American monkey (Pithecia monachus); also applied to other species, as Cebus xanthosternos.
  9. The bullfinch, common bullfinch, European bullfinch, or Eurasian bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula).
  10. The monkfish.
  11. A fuse for firing mines.

monks (verb)

  1. To be a monk.
  2. To act like a monk; especially to be contemplative.
  3. To monkey or meddle; to behave in a manner that is not systematic.
  4. To be intoxicated or confused.
  5. To be attached in a way that sticks out.

monks (noun)

  1. A monkey.