5 letter words starting with jan

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got a few plausible five letter words starting with jan.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of janes

janes (noun)

  1. A woman, often specifically a girlfriend.

janes (noun)

  1. A silver Genovese coin, first used in England in the 14th century.

janes (noun)

  1. A female client of a prostitute.

janes (noun)

  1. Denim.

Definition of janky

janky (adjective)

  1. Of poor quality.
  2. Strange, odd.
  3. Unresponsive (of a software application’s user interface), sluggish.