5 letter words starting with hun

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got a few plausible five letter words starting with hun.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of hunch

hunch (noun)

  1. A hump; a protuberance.
  2. A stooped or curled posture; a slouch.
  3. A theory, idea, or guess; an intuitive impression that something will happen.
  4. A hunk; a lump; a thick piece.
  5. A push or thrust, as with the elbow.

hunch (verb)

  1. To bend the top of one's body forward while raising one's shoulders.
  2. To raise (one's shoulders) (while lowering one's head or bending the top of one's body forward); to curve (one's body) forward (sometimes followed by up).
  3. To walk (somewhere) while hunching one's shoulders.
  4. To thrust a hump or protuberance out of (something); to crook, as the back.
  5. To push or jostle with the elbow; to push or thrust against (someone).
  6. To have a hunch, or make an intuitive guess.

Definition of hundo

hundo (numeral)

  1. A hundred.

Definition of hunks

hunks (noun)

  1. A crotchety or surly person.
  2. A stingy man; a miser.

hunks (noun)

  1. A large or dense piece of something.
  2. A sexually attractive boy or man, especially one who is muscular.
  3. A record of differences between almost contiguous portions of two files (or other sources of information). Differences that are widely separated by areas which are identical in both files would not be part of a single hunk. Differences that are separated by small regions which are identical in both files may comprise a single hunk. Patches are made up of hunks.
  4. A honyock.

Definition of hunky

hunky (adjective)

  1. Exhibiting strong, masculine beauty.
  2. Shaped like a hunk, or piece; chunky.
  3. All right; in good condition.
  4. Even; square; on equal footing with

hunky (noun)

  1. A lower-class person of Hungarian, Romanian, or Slavic, especially Ruthenian, descent.

Definition of hunts

hunts (noun)

  1. The act of hunting.
  2. A hunting expedition.
  3. An organization devoted to hunting, or the people belonging to it.
  4. A pack of hunting dogs.

hunts (verb)

  1. To find or search for an animal in the wild with the intention of killing the animal for its meat or for sport.
  2. To try to find something; search (for).
  3. To drive; to chase; with down, from, away, etc.
  4. To use or manage (dogs, horses, etc.) in hunting.
  5. To use or traverse in pursuit of game.
  6. (bell-ringing) To move or shift the order of (a bell) in a regular course of changes.
  7. (bell-ringing) To shift up and down in order regularly.
  8. To be in a state of instability of movement or forced oscillation, as a governor which has a large movement of the balls for small change of load, an arc-lamp clutch mechanism which moves rapidly up and down with variations of current, etc.; also, to seesaw, as a pair of alternators working in parallel.