5 letter words starting with hav

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got a few plausible five letter words starting with hav.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of havan

havan (noun)

  1. A ritual, rooted in the Vedic religion, in which offerings of food etc. are burnt in order to bring good luck on a special occasion.

Definition of haven

haven (noun)

  1. A harbour or anchorage protected from the sea.
  2. (by extension) A place of safety; a refuge or sanctuary.
  3. (by extension) A peaceful place.

haven (verb)

  1. To put into, or provide with a haven.

Definition of haver

haver (verb)

  1. To hem and haw
  2. To talk foolishly; to chatter.

haver (noun)

  1. Oats (the cereal).

haver (noun)

  1. One who has something; a possessor.
  2. The person who has custody of a document.

Definition of havoc

havoc (noun)

  1. Widespread devastation, destruction
  2. Mayhem

havoc (verb)

  1. To pillage.
  2. To cause havoc.

havoc (interjection)

  1. A cry in war as the signal for indiscriminate slaughter.