5 letter words starting with gru

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got quite a few plausible five letter words starting with gru.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of grubs

grubs (noun)

  1. An immature stage in the life cycle of an insect; a larva.
  2. Food.
  3. A short, thick man; a dwarf.
  4. A dirty person.
  5. A despicable person; a lowlife.

grubs (verb)

  1. To scavenge or in some way scrounge, typically for food.
  2. To dig; to dig up by the roots; to root out by digging; often followed by up.
  3. To supply with food.
  4. To eat.

Definition of gruel

gruel (noun)

  1. A thin, watery porridge, formerly eaten primarily by the poor and the ill.

gruel (verb)

  1. To exhaust; use up; disable; to punish.

Definition of gruff

gruff (verb)

  1. To speak gruffly.

gruff (adjective)

  1. Having a rough, surly, and harsh demeanor and nature.
  2. Hoarse-voiced.

Definition of grump

grump (noun)

  1. A habitually grumpy or complaining person.
  2. A grumpy mood.

grump (verb)

  1. To complain.
  2. To be grumpy.