5 letter words starting with for

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got quite a few plausible five letter words starting with for.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of force

force (noun)

  1. Strength or energy of body or mind; active power; vigour; might; capacity of exercising an influence or producing an effect.
  2. Power exerted against will or consent; compulsory power; violence; coercion.
  3. Anything that is able to make a substantial change in a person or thing.
  4. A physical quantity that denotes ability to push, pull, twist or accelerate a body and which has a direction and is measured in a unit dimensioned in mass × distance/time² (ML/T²): SI: newton (N); CGS: dyne (dyn)
  5. Something or anything that has the power to produce a physical effect upon something else, such as causing it to move or change shape.
  6. A group that aims to attack, control, or constrain.
  7. The ability to attack, control, or constrain.
  8. A magic trick in which the outcome is known to the magician beforehand, especially one involving the apparent free choice of a card by another person.
  9. Legal validity.
  10. Either unlawful violence, as in a "forced entry", or lawful compulsion.
  11. Ability of an utterance or its element (word, form, prosody, ...) to effect a given meaning.
  12. (with the, often capitalized) A metaphysical and ubiquitous power from the fictional Star Wars universe created by George Lucas. See usage note.

force (verb)

  1. To violate (a woman); to rape.
  2. To exert oneself, to do one's utmost.
  3. To compel (someone or something) to do something.
  4. To constrain by force; to overcome the limitations or resistance of.
  5. To drive (something) by force, to propel (generally + prepositional phrase or adverb).
  6. To cause to occur (despite inertia, resistance etc.); to produce through force.
  7. To forcibly open (a door, lock etc.).
  8. To obtain or win by strength; to take by violence or struggle; specifically, to capture by assault; to storm, as a fortress.
  9. To create an out by touching a base in advance of a runner who has no base to return to while in possession of a ball which has already touched the ground.
  10. (whist) To compel (an adversary or partner) to trump a trick by leading a suit that he/she does not hold.
  11. To put in force; to cause to be executed; to make binding; to enforce.
  12. To provide with forces; to reinforce; to strengthen by soldiers; to man; to garrison.
  13. To allow the force of; to value; to care for.

force (noun)

  1. (law enforcement) Any police organization; a constabulary.

force (noun)

  1. A waterfall or cascade.

force (verb)

  1. To stuff; to lard; to farce.

Definition of fords

fords (noun)

  1. A location where a stream is shallow and the bottom has good footing, making it possible to cross from one side to the other with no bridge, by walking, riding, or driving through the water; a crossing.
  2. A stream; a current.

fords (verb)

  1. To cross a stream using a ford.

Definition of forex

forex (noun)

  1. Short for foreign exchange.

Definition of forgo

forgo (verb)

  1. To let pass, to leave alone, to let go.
  2. To do without, to abandon, to renounce.
  3. To refrain from, to abstain from, to pass up, to withgo.