5 letter words starting with fol

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got a few plausible five letter words starting with fol.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of folds

folds (noun)

  1. An act of folding.
  2. A bend or crease.
  3. Any correct move in origami.
  4. (newspapers) The division between the top and bottom halves of a broadsheet: headlines above the fold will be readable in a newsstand display; usually the fold.
  5. (by extension) The division between the part of a web page visible in a web browser window without scrolling; usually the fold.
  6. That which is folded together, or which enfolds or envelops; embrace.
  7. The bending or curving of one or a stack of originally flat and planar surfaces, such as sedimentary strata, as a result of plastic (i.e. permanent) deformation.
  8. In functional programming, any of a family of higher-order functions that process a data structure recursively to build up a value.
  9. A section of source code that can be collapsed out of view in an editor to aid readability.

folds (verb)

  1. To bend (any thin material, such as paper) over so that it comes in contact with itself.
  2. To make the proper arrangement (in a thin material) by bending.
  3. To become folded; to form folds.
  4. To fall over; to be crushed.
  5. To enclose within folded arms (see also enfold).
  6. To give way on a point or in an argument.
  7. To withdraw from betting.
  8. (by extension) To withdraw or quit in general.
  9. To stir gently, with a folding action.
  10. Of a company, to cease to trade.
  11. To double or lay together, as the arms or the hands.
  12. To cover or wrap up; to conceal.

folds (noun)

  1. A pen or enclosure for sheep or other domestic animals.
  2. (collective) A group of sheep or goats.
  3. Home, family.
  4. A church congregation, a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church; the Christian church as a whole, the flock of Christ.
  5. A group of people with shared ideas or goals or who live or work together.
  6. A boundary or limit.

folds (verb)

  1. To confine animals in a fold.

Definition of foley

foley (noun)

  1. The creation of sound effects, and their addition to film and TV images
  2. A foley artist
  3. A Foley catheter.

Definition of folio

folio (noun)

  1. A leaf of a book or manuscript
  2. A page of a book, that is, one side of a leaf of a book.
  3. A page number. The even folios are on the left-hand pages and the odd folios on the right-hand pages.
  4. A sheet of paper folded in half.
  5. (books) A book made of sheets of paper each folded in half (two leaves or four pages to the sheet); hence, a book of the largest kind, exceeding 30 cm in height.
  6. A page in an account book; sometimes, two opposite pages bearing the same serial number.
  7. (19th to early 20th century) A leaf containing a certain number of words; hence, a certain number of words in a writing, as in England, in law proceedings 72, and in chancery, 90; in New York, 100 words.
  8. A wrapper for loose papers.

folio (verb)

  1. To put a serial number on each folio or page of (a book); to page

Definition of folks

folks (noun)

  1. A grouping of smaller peoples or tribes as a nation.
  2. The inhabitants of a region, especially the native inhabitants.
  3. (plural: folks) One’s relatives, especially one’s parents.
  4. Folk music.
  5. People in general.
  6. A particular group of people.

folks (noun)

  1. The members of one's immediate family, especially one's parents
  2. People in general; everybody or anybody.
  3. The police.

folks (noun)

  1. (California) Late 19th and early 20th century migrants to California from Iowa and other parts of the Midwestern United States.

Definition of folky

folky (adjective)

  1. Having the character of folk music