5 letter words starting with fle

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got quite a few plausible five letter words starting with fle.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of fleet

fleet (noun)

  1. A group of vessels or vehicles.
  2. Any group of associated items.
  3. A large, coordinated group of people.
  4. A number of vessels in company, especially war vessels; also, the collective naval force of a country, etc.
  5. (British Royal Navy) Any command of vessels exceeding a squadron in size, or a rear admiral's command, composed of five sail-of-the-line, with any number of smaller vessels.

fleet (noun)

  1. An arm of the sea; a run of water, such as an inlet or a creek.
  2. A location, as on a navigable river, where barges are secured.

fleet (verb)

  1. To float.
  2. To pass over rapidly; to skim the surface of.
  3. To hasten over; to cause to pass away lightly, or in mirth and joy.
  4. To flee, to escape, to speed away.
  5. To evanesce, disappear, die out.
  6. To move up a rope, so as to haul to more advantage; especially to draw apart the blocks of a tackle.
  7. (of people) To move or change in position.
  8. To shift the position of dead-eyes when the shrouds are become too long.
  9. To cause to slip down the barrel of a capstan or windlass, as a rope or chain.
  10. To take the cream from; to skim.

fleet (adjective)

  1. Swift in motion; light and quick in going from place to place.
  2. Light; superficially thin; not penetrating deep, as soil.

fleet (noun)

  1. Floor; bottom; lower surface.
  2. A house; home.

Definition of flesh

flesh (noun)

  1. The soft tissue of the body, especially muscle and fat.
  2. The skin of a human or animal.
  3. (by extension) Bare arms, bare legs, bare torso.
  4. Animal tissue regarded as food; meat (but sometimes excluding fish).
  5. The human body as a physical entity.
  6. The mortal body of a human being, contrasted with the spirit or soul.
  7. The evil and corrupting principle working in man.
  8. The soft, often edible, parts of fruits or vegetables.
  9. Tenderness of feeling; gentleness.
  10. Kindred; stock; race.
  11. A yellowish pink colour; the colour of some Caucasian human skin.

flesh (verb)

  1. To reward (a hound, bird of prey etc.) with flesh of the animal killed, to excite it for further hunting; to train (an animal) to have an appetite for flesh.
  2. To bury (something, especially a weapon) in flesh.
  3. To inure or habituate someone in or to a given practice.
  4. To glut.
  5. To put flesh on; to fatten.
  6. To remove the flesh from the skin during the making of leather.