5 letter words starting with dra

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got quite a few plausible five letter words starting with dra.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of drail

drail (noun)

  1. A hook with a lead shank.
  2. The piece of lead around the shank of such a hook.
  3. The iron bow of a plough from which the traces draw.

drail (verb)

  1. To trail; to draggle.

Definition of drake

drake (noun)

  1. A male duck.

drake (noun)

  1. A mayfly used as fishing bait.
  2. A dragon.
  3. A small piece of artillery.
  4. A fiery meteor.
  5. A beaked galley, or Viking warship.

Definition of drams

drams (noun)

  1. The currency of Greece in ancient times and again from 1832 until 2001, with the symbol ₯, since replaced by the euro.
  2. A coin worth one drachma.
  3. An Ancient Greek weight of about 66.5 grains, or 4.3 grams.
  4. A later Greek weight equal to a gram.

drams (noun)

  1. A small unit of weight, variously:
  2. Any similarly minute quantity, a small amount of strong alcohol or poison.
  3. A cart formerly used to haul coal in coal mines.

drams (noun)

  1. The currency of Armenia, divided into 100 luma.

Definition of drape

drape (noun)

  1. A curtain; a drapery.
  2. The way in which fabric falls or hangs.
  3. A member of a youth subculture distinguished by its sharp dress, especially peg-leg pants (1950s: e.g. Baltimore, MD). Antonym: square
  4. A dress made from an entire piece of cloth, without having pieces cut away as in a fitted garment.

drape (verb)

  1. To cover or adorn with drapery or folds of cloth, or as with drapery
  2. To spread over, cover.
  3. To rail at; to banter.
  4. To make cloth.
  5. To design drapery, arrange its folds, etc., as for hangings, costumes, statues, etc.
  6. To hang or rest limply

Definition of draws

draws (noun)

  1. The result of a contest that neither side has won; a tie.
  2. The procedure by which the result of a lottery is determined.
  3. Something that attracts e.g. a crowd.
  4. The result of a two-innings match in which at least one side did not complete all their innings before time ran out (as distinguished from a tie).
  5. A golf shot that (for the right-handed player) curves intentionally to the left. See hook, slice, fade.
  6. A shot that is intended to land gently in the house (the circular target) without knocking out other stones; cf. takeout.
  7. A dry stream bed that drains surface water only during periods of heavy rain or flooding.
  8. A bag of cannabis.
  9. Cannabis.
  10. In a commission-based job, an advance on future (potential) commissions given to an employee by the employer.
  11. A situation in which one or more players has four cards of the same suit or four out of five necessary cards for a straight and requires a further card to make their flush or straight.
  12. The act of pulling back the strings in preparation of firing.
  13. The spin or twist imparted to a ball etc. by a drawing stroke.

draws (verb)

  1. To move or develop something.
  2. To exert or experience force.
  3. (fluidic) To remove or separate or displace.
  4. To change in size or shape.
  5. To attract or be attracted.
  6. (usually as draw on or draw upon) To rely on; utilize as a source.
  7. To disembowel.
  8. To end a game in a draw (with neither side winning).
  9. To choose by means of a random selection process.
  10. To make a shot that lands gently in the house (the circular target) without knocking out other stones.
  11. To play (a short-length ball directed at the leg stump) with an inclined bat so as to deflect the ball between the legs and the wicket.
  12. To hit (the ball) with the toe of the club so that it is deflected toward the left.
  13. To strike (the cue ball) below the center so as to give it a backward rotation which causes it to take a backward direction on striking another ball.