5 letter words starting with bat

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got quite a few plausible five letter words starting with bat.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of batch

batch (noun)

  1. The quantity of bread or other baked goods baked at one time.
  2. (by extension) A quantity of anything produced at one operation.
  3. A group or collection of things of the same kind, such as a batch of letters or the next batch of business.
  4. A set of data to be processed with one execution of a program.
  5. A bread roll.
  6. A graduating class.
  7. The process of baking.

batch (verb)

  1. To aggregate things together into a batch.
  2. To handle a set of input data or requests as a batch process.

batch (adjective)

  1. Of a process, operating for a defined set of conditions, and then halting.

batch (noun)

  1. A bank; a sandbank.
  2. A field or patch of ground lying near a stream; the dale in which a stream flows.

batch (verb)

  1. To live as a bachelor temporarily, of a married man or someone virtually married.

Definition of bated

bated (verb)

  1. To reduce the force of something; to abate.
  2. To restrain, usually with the sense of being in anticipation
  3. (sometimes figurative) To cut off, remove, take away.
  4. To leave out, except, bar.
  5. To waste away.
  6. To deprive of.
  7. To lessen by retrenching, deducting, or reducing; to abate; to beat down; to lower.
  8. To allow by way of abatement or deduction.

bated (verb)

  1. To contend or strive with blows or arguments.
  2. Of a falcon: To flap the wings vigorously; to bait.

bated (verb)

  1. To soak leather so as to remove chemicals used in tanning; to steep in bate.

bated (verb)

  1. To masturbate.

bated (adjective)

  1. Reduced; lowered; restrained

Definition of bathe

bathe (noun)

  1. The act of swimming or bathing, especially in the sea, a lake, or a river; a swimming bath.

bathe (verb)

  1. To clean oneself by immersion in water or using water; to take a bath, have a bath.
  2. To immerse oneself, or part of the body, in water for pleasure or refreshment; to swim.
  3. To clean a person by immersion in water or using water; to give someone a bath.
  4. To apply water or other liquid to; to suffuse or cover with liquid.
  5. (transitive and intransitive) To cover or surround.
  6. To sunbathe.

Definition of baton

baton (noun)

  1. A staff or truncheon, used for various purposes
  2. The stick of a conductor in musical performances.
  3. An object transferred by runners in a relay race.
  4. A short stout club used primarily by policemen; a truncheon (UK).
  5. An abatement in coats of arms to denote illegitimacy. (Also spelled batune, baston).
  6. A riband with the ends cut off, resembling a baton, as shown on a coat of arms.
  7. A short vertical lightweight post, not set into the ground, used to separate wires in a fence.

baton (verb)

  1. To strike with a baton.

Definition of batts

batts (noun)

  1. Pieces of fabric or fibre used for stuffing; as for batting or insulation
  2. (usually in the plural) A shoe.