5 letter words starting with asp

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got a few plausible five letter words starting with asp.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of aspen

aspen (adjective)

  1. Pertaining to the asp or aspen tree.
  2. Tremulous, trembling.
  3. Of a woman's tongue: wagging, gossiping.

aspen (noun)

  1. The asp tree; a kind of poplar tree (genus Populus sect. Populus). A medium-size tree with thin, straight trunks of a greenish-white color.
  2. The wood of such a tree; usually pale, lightweight and soft.

Definition of aspic

aspic (noun)

  1. A dish in which ingredients are set into a gelatine, jelly-like substance made from a meat stock or consommé.
  2. An asp, a small venomous snake of Egypt.
  3. A piece of ordnance carrying a 12-pound shot.

aspic (adjective)

  1. Aspish; relating to an asp, a small venomous snake of Egypt.

Definition of aspie

aspie (noun)

  1. (often capitalized) An Aspergerian: a person with Asperger’s syndrome.