5 letter words starting with aci

Looking for a clue for todays Wordle or another Word game? Look no further! We got you covered. We got a few plausible five letter words starting with aci.


Sometimes the solution is an uncommon word, then It’s time to learn something new. Here’s the definition of a few of these words:

Definition of acids

acids (noun)

  1. A sour substance.
  2. Any of several classes of compound having the following properties:
  3. Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD)

Definition of acing

acing (verb)

  1. (US) To pass (a test, interviews etc.) perfectly.
  2. To win a point by an ace.
  3. To make an ace (hole in one).

Definition of acini

acini (noun)

  1. One of the small grains or drupelets which make up some kinds of fruit, as the blackberry, raspberry, etc.
  2. A grape-stone.
  3. One of the granular masses which constitute a racemose or compound gland, as the pancreas; also, one of the saccular recesses in the lobules of a racemose gland.