Crazy Taxi Gamecube Cheats

Secret Push Bike Cheat

A t the character selection screen, p ress and hold L + R a Release L, then release R. Press and hold L + R again, then release them simultaneously. Then, push A. A ringing sound will confirm correct code entry, and your character will mount the bicycle.

Or, at the character selection screen, highlight a driver , then push L + R, L + R, L + R, then Press and hold L + R + Up and select your player.

Or, finish all sixteen Crazy Box levels to unlock the Secret Push Bike for each character. It can be used in Crazy Box, arcade, or original modes.

To unlock the Push Bike in Another Day mode, select original mode. Then push R + L, R + L, R + L, R, R + A at the character selection screen.

$99,999 Cheat

Execute a Crazy Drift, wait until you have spun 180 degrees, then push Reverse + Drive. You can earn as much as a 450 combo and $99,999.

Call of Duty 2 Cheats

Level select cheat

Hold L + R and press Up(2), Down(2), Left(2), Right(2), B, Right, B, Right, B at the chapter selection screen

Kill types

Head shots are instant kills. Body shots require two or more shots for a kill.

Determining if enemies are still alive

Even if you shoot the enemy, he may still be alive. Make sure to aim your crosshairs at him and see if it turns red. If it does, it indicates that the enemy is still alive, and you must shoot him down more. Do not give the enemy the chance to shoot you from behind while he regains consciousness.

Bionicle Gamecube Cheats

Unlock Takua Nuva

Finish the game using all six Toa.

Extra bonuses

Finish a level with all Lightstones collected as each Toa to unlock a bonus at the Extras menu.

Destroying dark cages

Use Nuva Blasts to destroy dark cages. Charge your elemental energy, then immediately press Y.

How to beat Makuta

When you are at the end of the game and are battling Makuta. press A(2), Y. You should be gliding and dodging all attacks except for the flying bees.

Animal Crossing Gamecube Cheats

Get NES games

Talk to the townspeople until they ask you when your birthday is. Most of them will say something similar to “How would you like a train set for your birthday?” Answer “Yes” and you will put in your birthday. On your birthday, one of the townsfolk will be outside your house. He or she will present you with a NES. For example, Virgos will get Donkey Kong.

Obtain easy items

One of the best ways to get new items that you cannot buy is to do work for the residents, and do it often. Do their little chores and they will (more often than not) reward you with things that are hard to come by in Nook’s store.

Grow a money tree cheat

First, find a glowing piece of earth. Dig it up and you get a money bag. Plant the money bag in the glowing hole and a seedling will sprout, which will grow in to a money tree.

All-Star Baseball 2004 Gamecube Cheats

Zone Batting Cheat

When a pitcher throws a fastball low and inside, you can push your analog stick down and away so you can effectively hit that pitch more often. This works for a variety of pitches at a variety of locations. By pushing the analog stick in another direction compared to the pitch you can change the type of hit a player will get (ground ball, fly ball, foul, etc).

CPU Controlled Outfielders Cheat

Under normal and high difficulties make sure you remember the CPU has guns in the outfield. Stretching a single into a double or a double into a triple will not be likely no matter who’s in the outfield. This is because outfielders controlled by the computer tend to get to the ball faster and have more accurate arms then player controlled outfielders.

Player Cards Cheat

Using points earned during regular games you can purchase specific player cards. These cards can unlock one of 24 extra teams (All-star, Negro League, and Legends teams), 110 legendary players, and 45 stadiums. Certain extras such as media clips (history of baseball) and bonus options can also be unlocked with a purchase of a relevant player card.

Aggressive Inline Gamecube Cheats

Unlock a Cheat Code

Collect all juice boxes in a level to reveal a cheat code.

Power Skates Cheat

Finish all challenges (normal and hidden) hidden on every the level. The Power Skates give you one blue stat point for every attribute.

Ultra Skates Cheat

Finish all the levels with 100%. The Ultra Skates give you the other blue stat point for every attribute.

4×4 Evolution 2 Gamecube Cheats

Get More Money Cheat

At the press start screen type in Y, X, Z, Y, X, Z, X, X, Y, Z, X, Y.

Level select Cheat

At the press start screen type in X, X, Z, Z, Y, Y, Z, X, Y, Y, X, Z

Good Reputation Cheat

At the press start screen type in Y, Y, Z, X, X, Z, Y, Y, Y, X, X, X.

1080 Avalanche Gamecube Cheats

Get to Final Challenges Cheats

You can jump right to the timed final challenges in the game’s Match Race mode. To do so, enter the following codes at the options screen:
Novice Final Challenge
Track Name: Sub-Zero Assault: Spinal Damage
Code: JAS3IKRR Hard Final Challenge
Track Name: Sub-Zero Assault: Ballistic

Expert Final Challenge
Track Name: Avalanche Alley: No Way Out

Unlock extreme match race cheat

Finish the Hard Match Race to get the alternate costume. You will only unlock the outfit of the character you used to beat!

Dead or Alive 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

Achievement Shortcut – SS Rank

Host a room with only three members in it. The person that is the host will receive the rank. The other two players join the fight, and when the fight starts, they should exit to their dashboards. When the game notices that both players have left the game the host will instantly rank up to SS, fight (and win) a single battle after you do this and you will unlock the SS achievement.

Amped 2 Xbox Cheats

Unlock All Levels

Enter “AllLevels” at the cheat screen.