UFO: Aftershock PC Cheats

Cheat codes for UFO Aftershock

Activate cheat mode for UFO Aftershock
Right click the UFO: Aftershock desktop icon, after click on properties and add the
following command line parameter in target field: enable_system_console=true

example: C:\Games\UfoAftershock\UAS.exe enable_system_console=true

Must be a space between the added words and the target destination path.
Save and normally start the game. During gameplay now you can bring up  the
system console by pressing the “:” button on keyboard.

Now you can enter one of the following codes in the command line and edit nearly
all settings by only opening the System Console.

Note: Game doesn´t stop while you have opened console, so be aware to have the
game paused.

? – List of all possible codes
add_resources XX, YY, ZZ – Gives you XX, YY, ZZ number of resources
build_all – Instant build all projects in Bases
win_mission – Instantly win mission
untouch – Immortal solders
full_stores – You get all Items in your base storage

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