Total Overdose PC Cheats

Unlockables in Total Overdose

Infinite rockets – Collect all 100 gun icons.
Inifinite ammo for grenade launcher – Collect 90 gun icons.
Infinite Pistol ammo – Collect 60 gun icons.
Infinite Grenades – Collect 80 gun icons.
Health upgrade – You get a health upgrade for every 10 health icons you collect.
Having unlocked DEA and Military vehicles drive the streets  – Finish the game.
Having racing cars drive the streets – Finish the mission “Steal the wheels”
Having a bike spawn in the Bull Ring – Finish the mission “Kill The Bull”.
Have DEA and military vans drive the streets – Finish the mission “Make Elvez Sing”.
Dual Rifles – Collect 20 gun icons.
Dual Pistols – Collect 10 gun icons.
Being able to replay all missions – Complete all game missions.
Being able to play as Ram’s brother – Finish the mission “The Father”.
Being able to play as Ram (The main chracter) – Finish the mission “The Good Son”.
Inifinite Swan Off Shotgun ammo – Collect 70 gun icons.
Stamina upgrade You get a stamina (adrenalin) upgrade every 10 stamina icons you collect.

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