Lost Kingdoms 2 Gamecube Cheats

Get the “good” Ending
Defeat the unknown men and get the Stone of Sealing before you go to the castle and fight with Sol. Defeat the Body of God for the second time in the Royal Tower to view the ending.

Unlock Kendarie Warrior for versus Mode
Beat the Kendarie Boss on Kendarie Fortress Area 1.

Unlock Urbur Cultist for Versus Mode
Beat a Urbur Cultist and finish the current stage and save the game.  Look on the versus screen for the ‘unknown’ selection.

Unlock Rashiannu for Versus Mode
Use one player mode and Beat the Royal Tower Upper Floor then save the game.

Unlock Thalnos for Versus Mode
Finish the game one time and beat Leod and Helena in the Sacred Area 2. Then beat Thalnos in the Northern doorway of the arena then save!

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