I-Ninja Gamecube Cheats

Complete Current Mission in I-Ninja

Pause the game then enter this code.
Hold R and press B,B,B,X release R, Hold L
and press Y,Y, release L, hold R and press B,B

Sword Upgrade in I-Ninja

During game press start to pause and then enter this code to upgrade
your sword.
Hold L+R and press X,B,X,Y,Y,B,X,B

Spinning Uppercut & Twirl

When battling the stupid ranks or someone else with your sword you
can use the spinning uppercut or twirl. To do the uppercut one keep
pressing the B button ( you can only use this one blocking ranxs).
When they block rotate the control stick counter clock wise and hit
A+X Ninja will use the uppercut and he will be spinning around. This
move does extra damage to the ranxs or bosses.
For the twirl you need 2 or more enemies for this. When hitting the
ranxs in the stomach rotate the control stick counter clock wise
Ninja will spin with his sword out by his stomach and will hit a
ranx or two so there gone faster.

Fly Ninja, and Ninja Ball

Find a guy on the coast of Robot Beach who will say “If you find me,
you deserve two tests find him and you spend about 450 coinage
for both tests.

Battle Arena

To unlock the Battle Arena, get all the grades, then you should get
the master grade. The Battle Arena will now be open in Robot Beach.

Easy Way

If you are having a hard time beating those minibosses, then here’s your
help. First, always press left, right, down, or up and x at the same
time to dodge that swors throw thingy. Then after he throws his sword
and he does not have it go in and keep pressing square.

Getting All Grades

To get all the grades first you finish a level then get the next belt so
sensie will let you in. Don’t worry the level will be the same but there
will be some extra thigs you have to do.

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