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Jewel Jackpot in The Hobbit

In the last level when you meet up with your girl elf friend she’ll tell you to go because of the goblins! Run around the corner and make sure no goblins can see you, every time she kills one jewels apear put on the ring and go collect them. When your done go back to your hiding spot and wait intill she kills another then go collect the jewels! You can do this as long as you like the goblins keep on coming.

Pass the stone on the bridge

To pass the stone in The Wild, when you approach it a black screen appears with several letters; just put in ELROND and the stone will drop.

The Waterfall

In  troll  hole  there  will  be  a  waterfall. Jump  onto  to  the  vine  that’s in  front  of  the  waterfall. Then jump  into  the  waterfall. There  will  be  a  spider. Kill it, then  open  the  chest for  some  rock  throwing  tactics.

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