Halo Xbox Cheats

Get New Ending Sequence:
Finish the game using legendary difficulty setting in Campaign Mode

Carry 3 Weapons:
OK to carry 3 weapons u have to beat the game (i beat it on easy) then when ur done u can carry 3 weapons

Battling flood:
Using a combination of assault, Shotgun, and grenades works best…
Warning: Only use the [sticky] grenades at a far distance, especially for the little ones.
Shot gun- use on big floods, and little floods.
When those little guys, that jump up at you, are all grouped together use the shot gun, it shoots out a lot of bullets at a time.
Also close to medium range range to the big guys.
Use Assault rifle if the guy is standing still, if he or you are moving too much it screws your aim very badly and you waste bullets and have to re load more often and then they have a clear shot.
For the grenades use them when you know something is behind a wall, or when you see a lot of flood coming at you from a safe distance.
for sticky grenades you MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER to use them at a safe distance because if you shoot it on one of those little guys that follow you you will get hurt bad too because of the blast that they brought with them, same with the big guys; I have learned this because the the Master Chief doesn’t run to fast so he cant out run a lot of the flood.
Don’t use your grenades all at once..They are to important, and sometimes rarest when you need them.

Battling the flood 2:

When you fight the flood it is best to use a combo of the Assault Rifle (For the little dudes) And the Shotgun (For the big ones).
When the flood that look like humans come at you try to aim for their big arm. they will die instantly if you shoot it off. it is best to do this at close to medium range with the shotgun. but if you have to you can also use the Assault Rifle.
If you use Grenades try not to use the Plasma Grenades. try to use the Fragmentation grenades because if the flood run at you with the sticky grenade on them you are in trouble.
Also in order to get more check points try to kill all enemies in the area and the comp will generally give you a check point.
Against the big flood just put a shotgun to their chest a pull the trigger it works best that way.

Bloody Warthog:
To start things off lets just beat the game first!Now since the game is beat you should have a little fun.Now go to any level that lets you use the warthog.Now for the good part.When you see an enemy run over him.But it isn’t that simple!If your enemy jumps out of the way do a donut and you should get him!Another cool thing is to take a rocket launcher and blast the warthog towards them and it might hit them and they will die!

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