Half-Life 2 PC Cheats

Command-Line tips for Half Life 2

Start the game with one of the following command line parameters:

Effect: Command line parameter

Set window size: -width 1024 -height 768
Use indicated filename for shader library: -shaderdll (filename)
Look around by using mouse: -mouselook
Add debug messages to ingame console: -condebug
Software mode for rendering: -sw
Full screen mode: -fullscreen
Set heap size: -heapsize 80000
Run in window: -startwindowed
Run in window: -window
Run in window: -windowed
Toggle anamorphic widescreen mode: -r_anamorphic
Load all level data at start of level: -preload

Console Cheat Codes Commands

Start the game with the -console command line parameter. Then, press ~ during game play to display the console window. Also, any code can be used as a command line parameter by prefixing it with the “-” character.

Result – Code
All weapons – impulse 101
God mode (server only) – god
Spawn indicated item – give (item name)
Reduce your health – buddha
Damage player – hurtme

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