GUN Xbox Cheats

The following unlockables are available once you complete the required side quests.
Apache Shirt Complete all Hunting Missions
.69 Ferguson Rifle Defeat Hollister
Cavalry Sword Defeat Reed
Dual Peacemakers Defeat Hoodoo Brown
Silver Spurs Complete all Pony Express Missions
Reed’s armored horse and Macgruder’s cannon shotgun Finish story mode and all side missions for 100% completion. Then go to Macgruder mine to pick up your rewards.

Secret Ammo Cache:
In the Badlands, near the Hecht Ranch you should see a herd of buffalo. Near the buffalo is a dilapidated house. Behind the house are two mesa like land features. In one of them there is an opening into a mine on one of the cliffs. Go into the mine. When you walk into the mine, the path will split. Go right. Pick up a dynamite barrel behind the mine carts. Take the barrel back to the house. Go to the back of the house and set the barrel down next to the chimney. Back up and shoot the barrel. Near the chimney a hole should have been blown into the ground. If you jump into the hole, you will collect every ammo type you need.

Faster horses:
When on a horse, hold the dash button while repedately jumping. If you time it right, you should go at about double the speed of the normal horse.

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