Ghost Recon 2 Gamecube Cheats

Medal Unlocks in Ghost Recon 2

Bronze Star – Get 15 Kills
Silver Star – get 20 Kills
Distinguished Service Cross – get 25 Kills
Congressional medal of Honor – Get 30 kills
Purple Heart – Wounded or Killed in action

How to beat the end of the ” tank ambush” level

First go to the place where the tanks are. Don’t help the two dudes behind the sandbags. Go to the guy behind the box and then kill the enemies. Then the guy behind the box will shoot the pipe above the tank and it blows up the tank. Now follow the guy with the bazooka and be careful cause there’s about 8 guys the dude with the bazooka will blow up a couple of guys. You kill the rest. keep following him till he destroys the second tank and you’re done.

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