Far Cry PC Cheats

Console cheat codes for Far Cry

Press ~ to display the console window:

Result followed by code:

All weapons – give_all_weapons=1
Ammunition – give_all_ammo=1
God mode – god_mode_count=1

More cheats to type into the console (~) of Far Cry:

map archive – archive level
map boat – oat level
map bunker – bunker level
map carrier – carrier level
map catacombs – catacombs level
map control – control level
map cooler – cooler level
map dam – dam level
map demo – demo level
map factory f- actory level
map fort f- ort level
give_all_ammo=1 – Give All Ammunition
map pier – pier level
load_game – quick load
save_game – quick save
map rebellion – rebellion level
map regulator – regulator level
map research – research level
map river – river level
map steam – steam level
map swamp – swamp level
map training – training level
map treehouse – treehouse level
map volcano – volcano level

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