Doom 3 PC Cheats

Cheat codes for Doom 3 for PC

Bring up the console with [~] then type any of the following cheat codes:
Note: To enable the console, add +set com_allowConsole 1 to your command-line shortcut for the game. Alternately, you can try using [Ctrl] + [Al + [~] to bring up the console.

Example: D:\Games\Doom3\doom3.exe +set com_allowConsole 1

Code followed by Result
god – God Mode
noclip – No Clipping Mode
notarget – Invisibility
benchmark – Benchmark Game
doomhell – Skip All Levels
freeze – Freeze Everything
aviDemo – Save Demo in AVI Format
gfxinfo – Graphics Card Info
give all – All Weapons and Ammo
give doom95 – Load ‘95 Version of Doom
give keys – Give All Keys
give weapon_machinegun – Give Machine Gun
give weapon_shotgun – Give Shotgun
give weapon_plasmagun – Give Plasma Gun
give weapon_bfg – Give BFG
give weapon_chainsaw – Give Chainsaw
give weapon_rocketlauncher – Give Rocket Launcher
status Your Game – Status
quit – Quit Game
com_drawfps 1 – Show FPS
toggle pm_thirdperson – 3rd Person View
map # – Load Map # (See List)
spawn # – Spawn # (See List)

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