Crazy Taxi Gamecube Cheats

Secret Push Bike Cheat

A t the character selection screen, p ress and hold L + R a Release L, then release R. Press and hold L + R again, then release them simultaneously. Then, push A. A ringing sound will confirm correct code entry, and your character will mount the bicycle.

Or, at the character selection screen, highlight a driver , then push L + R, L + R, L + R, then Press and hold L + R + Up and select your player.

Or, finish all sixteen Crazy Box levels to unlock the Secret Push Bike for each character. It can be used in Crazy Box, arcade, or original modes.

To unlock the Push Bike in Another Day mode, select original mode. Then push R + L, R + L, R + L, R, R + A at the character selection screen.

$99,999 Cheat

Execute a Crazy Drift, wait until you have spun 180 degrees, then push Reverse + Drive. You can earn as much as a 450 combo and $99,999.

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