All-Star Baseball 2004 Gamecube Cheats

Zone Batting Cheat

When a pitcher throws a fastball low and inside, you can push your analog stick down and away so you can effectively hit that pitch more often. This works for a variety of pitches at a variety of locations. By pushing the analog stick in another direction compared to the pitch you can change the type of hit a player will get (ground ball, fly ball, foul, etc).

CPU Controlled Outfielders Cheat

Under normal and high difficulties make sure you remember the CPU has guns in the outfield. Stretching a single into a double or a double into a triple will not be likely no matter who’s in the outfield. This is because outfielders controlled by the computer tend to get to the ball faster and have more accurate arms then player controlled outfielders.

Player Cards Cheat

Using points earned during regular games you can purchase specific player cards. These cards can unlock one of 24 extra teams (All-star, Negro League, and Legends teams), 110 legendary players, and 45 stadiums. Certain extras such as media clips (history of baseball) and bonus options can also be unlocked with a purchase of a relevant player card.

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