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City of Lost Children, The

Part One: The Receipt Hut Break-in

Pieuvre, the Siamese twin orphanage mistress, forces Miette to rob the Cashier?s Hut or she?ll get thrown in the cellar. Miette must get the key from Pelade, Pieuvre?s lowly assistant, and then get the policeman away from guarding the Hut.

In the classroom, ask Pieuvre about the key to the Cashier?s Hut. - Pick up the bag of marbles on the
shelf, in the back of the classroom. - Pick up the sponge at the blackboard.

Outside the classroom (courtyard), ask Pelade about the key to the Cashier? s Hut.
- Pick up the bone near the garbage cans.
- Pick up 2 bottles at the top of the stairs.

Head outside the courtyard, down the stairs.
- Pick up a brush
- Pick up a bottle on the second landing in the middle of the stairs 

Go to the entrance of the pier. On the right side, there are some brown packages the Miette can step on. Walk on these to get the metal bar, then walk back onto the pier.

Go to the lighthouse at the end of the pier. Throw the metal bar into the fuse box (to the left of the door).
After the movie sequence, run to the right side of the lighthouse, and bend down behind the spools. The
watchman will come by to check, so stay down and make sure you are barely visible. You will see a movie
sequence of the watchman fixing the lighthouse.

Go to the Receipt hut and open the door with the key. When you are inside, switch on the light, on the
right. Open the cash register and jam it with the brush or bone to deactivate the electric safe. Pick up the
cash and get out of the hut.

Part Two: The Loan Shark?s House

Now Miette must go to the loan shark?s house and steal the jewels. To do this, Miette must make Pelade
fall asleep and steal his key to gain access to the downtown area. There are two solutions to getting
Pelade?s key. 

Leave the classroom. In the courtyard, go to the door just to the right of the classroom door. Trade the
marbles for the bottle of sleeping potion. Search the bottom cupboards for: a piece of cheese, a slice of
cake, a drumstick.

Solution 1
Go and visit the Drunk guy under the footbridge. Talk to him about the wine. Give him the cheese, cake,
and chicken one at a time. After giving him a piece of food, fill up a bottle with his wine, then give him
another piece of food, and repeat this process until you have 3 bottles of wine. Go back to where Pelade
is sitting and give him the wine. All of it. He? ll pass out.

Solution 2
Give the sleeping potion to Pelade. He?ll pass out.

Lower the basket on the left side and get the sausage and the door handle. Go up the stairs and use the
door handle on the door. Open the door and go inside. Turn on the light switch, next to the door. Get the
key from under Pelade?s mattress. Go down the stairs and give the dog either the sausage or the bone.
Use the key on the door just to the left of the dog house.

Downtown, head down the stairs and to the right. Keep heading right until you find the worker fixing his
truck. Stand right behind him so you can see the pliers (they will appear in a box in the upper right of the
screen). When he bends down to fix his engine, grab the pliers. Go to the bell hanging on the wall behind
the worker. Use the pliers on the bell to get the bell. After this, you can get rid of the pliers. Head back
toward where you came from and go past the stairs you first descended. Go near the Cyclops. Use the bell
on the stair railing just to the left of the Cyclops. When the Cyclops falls in the water, go up the stairs. 

In the Loan Shark?s house, go to the table with the miniature model of a safe and pick it up. Place this
model on the scale near the real safe. When the safe opens, grab the jewel.

Part Three: Release of the Children

In the Diver?s cave, go behind the boxes near the periscope and get the piece of wood. Now go over to the
two switches on the wall and place the piece of wood on a lowered switch. You may have to lower one to
do this. Then lower the other switch so they are both in the down position. Go over to the diver and get
the key near the green bottle on the shelf. Unlock the door and leave.

Walk down until you reach a crane. Get the lighter from behind the crane. Go up the stairs, down the
stairs, and around to the bar courtyard. Climb up the boxes and head to the right side of the courtyard,
the dark shaded corner, and get the candle. Take the candle and place it on the table near the rope. Light
the candle and go hide behind the door. 

Miette must now find a map and a compass for One

Go and see the sailor who is painting his boat. If he is not on the right side, leave the screen and come
back again. When he is on the right, grab the paint brush and dip it into the paint. Walk to the Cyclops,
who is guarding the pier, and paint his eyepiece. Go and talk to the fisherman at the end of the pier. Go
back to the sailor and go upstairs. At the corner of the footbridge, grab the tin can in the window sill. Give
the tin can to the fisherman and he will tell you where to get a map. 

Go back up the stairs where you found the tin. Walk around to the tattooist. Unscrew the board near his
head and grab the map. Go toward the left of the tattoo shop and find the atomizer near the gate. Go back
to the pier where One is waiting. Give him the map and grab the stick at the end of the pier.

Go back to the top of the pier and head into the far left corner where Marcello is. Use the stick on the
fleas to knock them down. Then play the music box to get the fleas to kill Marcello (bye bye Marcello).
Take his Compass/Watch and give it to One.

Movie sequence of children being rescued.

The End

If Miette is Caught:

The Harbor?s storage

If you get caught by the watchman, you get thrown into the Harbor?s
storage with the tramp. To escape, climb on the two boxes on the left side of the door. Activate the circuit breaker, then climb the stairs and activate the switch on the left of the door. Exit the storage and go down the stairs.

Orphanage Cellar

If you stay too long in the classroom or in the courtyard, Pellade throws Miette in the cellar. There are
three solutions to get out: 
1) The door is open
2) Close the box cover and climb out the window
3) Pick up a rusty hook in the alcove to pull the door locker and get out If Miette is put in the cellar more than three times,the Game is Over

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