Quake 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheat codes for Quake 4 for Xbox 360 Console

Get all:
Press Back during game play, then press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.

Press Back during game play, then press B, A, B, A, Up(2), Down, X.

Press Back during game play, then press B, A, X, Y, Left, Right, Left.

Press Back during game play, then press Down, Up, Down(2), Up, Right, Left, Right, Y, X(2), A.

Project Gotham Racing 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

Geometry Wars 1 and 2 mini-games
Go to view cars, then choose to walk around in your garage. Go in the back and you will see two games set up, called Geometry Wars 1 and 2

Perfect Dark Zero Xbox 360 Cheats

Dark Agent mode
Successfully complete the game on Perfect Agent mode to unlock Dark Agent mode.

Secret passage in Mission 7
Before Mission 7, select the demolition kit from the weapons menu. During the mission, after you kill the two brothers go across the bridge towards the rocket. When you get to the rocket, go left and down that road. When you get to the end of the road, there should be two doors (one on the left and another on the right). If you try to open them, they will say “secured”. If you go on to a ramp that is on the right side of the left door, there will be a crack in the wall. Use the demolition kit to blow up the crack to get into the door.

NHL 2006 Xbox 360 Cheats

Easy goals
When the view is pointing down, take a slap shot at your opponent’s side of the ice to sometimes score a goal!

NBA Live 2006 Xbox 360 Cheats

Alley Oop to yourself: Hold LT + Y on a fast break
Cockback: Hold LT + X
One Handed: Hold LT and tap X
One Handed Windmill: Hold LT + A
Lay Up: Hold LT + B
Various dunks: Hold LT and tap Y
Leaning Tomahawk: Hold LT and tap A
Two Handed Tomahawk: Hold LT and tap B
Two Handed Windmill: Hold LT + Y

Easy points
To get easy points, get an outside scorer and press LT + X. He will put the ball behind his back and lay it up. It cannot be stopped even by an inside stopper and will always work.

Madden NFL 2006 Xbox 360 Cheats

Better player in NFL Superstar mode
Make sure your father is a Hall of Fame RB. When you get drafted, try to get on a team like the 49ers or any team with a bad RB. With those teams you will excel. Also if you get in the playoffs, play the games with two minute quarters. They are quick and easy to win.

Better IQ in NFL Superstar mode

If your IQ test results are low, save the game before the IQ day and try it over again until your percentage is high.

Kameo : Elements of Power Xbox 360 Cheats

Alternate costume
Get an “A” rank on all levels to unlock the original Kameo costume.

Break the indicated high score in an action level to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Big Troll heads: Thorn’s Castle, 2,500,000 points
Big Kameo head: Thorn’s Castle, 2,500,000 points
Boss battles: Water Temple, 2,500,000 points
Kameo in her original purple costume: Thorn’s Castle, 100,000 points
FMV player: Forgotten Forest. 1,600,000 points

King Kong Xbox 360 Cheats

More effective spears and bones
Spears and bones are more effective when lit on fire.

GUN Xbox 360 Cheats

Infinite ammo
Take a barrel of TNT from the Badlands mine. Locate the abandoned house in the Badlands where the buffalo graze. Go to the back of the house on the outside. Face the chimney (looking west) and place the TNT barrel on the left side of the chimney. Blow up the TNT barrel to open a hole in the ground with unlimited ammunition for all weapons.

Faster riding on horse
Hold (Dash) while repeatedly jumping your horse to travel about double the speed.

Fifa 2006 Xbox 360 Cheats

Fully fit team in Manager Mode
When in manager mode, notice that the energy bars of your players decrease after each match. Save your career, then go back to the main menu. Load your career again. Your team will have full health again. This may not work the first time. Save and reload the game maybe once or twice more for it to work.

Increase profits in Manager Mode
At the start of your season, do not spend the money you have immediately on staff upgrades and new players. Instead, spend the money you have on renewing player contracts. Wait to get your players morale up first, as they will be more likely to accept a renewal if they are happy at the club. Sometimes you can cut a players salary in half, if not more. Make sure to save the game before renewing contracts so that you can start low, and increase each time if the player refuses the renewal. If a player refuses the renewal at a high price, and they have a high moral, then it may be because they are close to retirement. This can earn you up to 3,000 credits (off your current salary) each match if done well. Alongside a good sponsor, you could be earning 7,000 to 8,000 credits each game when at home.